If  your  pets  are  not  becoming  to  you,  they  should  be  coming  to  me!

One  on  One  Personal  Grooming  Appointments  at  Your  Doorstep

Pet Services

At Rags to Riches Pet Salon, your pet is very important to us. 

We would like to assure you that every effort will be made to make your pets grooming experience as safe and pleasant as possible!

We offer a variety of grooming services that can be tailored to your pets individual needs and your specific wants. 

We provide a full service dog and cat grooming salon on wheels that offers bathing, grooming, teeth cleaning, nail trimming, flea and tick treatments, and much more. 

***Please be sure to read, print and sign the client information and policies and procedures pages prior to arrival for your pets appointment***

Tails are wagging and pets are bragging!!

(so are their owners)


A full grooming  includes- 

a bath

nails trimmed

ears cleaned



Add Ons

teeth cleaning

flea & tick preventative

**  ear hair plucking

**  anal glands expressed

** please note that I go by your veterinarians protocol when plucking ear hair or expressing anal glands.  I recommend that you speak to your veterinarian about having either of these done prior to your pets grooming appointment.

Light Trim

A light trim includes-

a bath

nails trimmed 

ears cleaned

light trimming of feet, face and private areas


What our customers are saying

I have been waiting 5 years to find the perfect pet salon.  Best services,  best grooming, teeth, nails, face, and reasonable pricing and done in a reasonable time!!!!  My Pansy felt at home, excited to be there.  I would highly recommend this salon!   I don't often write a review but I was compelled to share my awesome experience!!

Claudia C.

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