If  your  pets  are  not  becoming  to  you,  they  should  be  coming  to  me!

One  on  One  Personal  Grooming  Appointments  at  Your  Doorstep


Our Samson has been going to Rags to Riches for several years.  Other groomers had a difficult time with Samson, but not Charlotte!  She is amazing with him.  Occasionally we leave Samson with Charlotte when we go on vacation.  She takes wonderful care of him so we can enjoy ourselves and not worry about him!

Doreen D.

We have been taking our dog here for 8 years.  Charlotte is awesome, our dog doesn't even mind going and we have the type of dog that doesn't like getting her paws wet.

Dave B.

Nice owner....always makes time for my dogs at the last minute...have walked in several times with no appointment.

Mary B.